A Masonic Poem from Brother Gordon McGaw

Cumbernauld St. Andrews 199, Glasgow Scotland (Life Member)

Denny Royal Arch, Stirlingshire Scotland (Life Member)

Ancient St Johns # 3 Kingston Ontario Canada

Ten Little Masons

Ten little Masons went to the Lodge when fine, But it started raining and then there was nine Nine little Masons watched the Telly late One thought he was bionic, then there was eight. Eight little Masons to the Lodge were driven, Until the car broke down then there was seven. Seven little Masons, really solid bricks, One got too keen on gardening, and then there was six. Six little Masons liked an evening drive, One liked to make the most of it then there was five. Five little Masons seemed loyal to the core, Till one shirked Office then there was four. Four little Masons quarrelled bitterly, Over something very slight, then there was three. Three little Masons watched the Degree right through, One said he was fed up, then there was two. Two little Masons argued who should run, the next Lodge Social, then there was one. One faithful Mason, knowing what to do, Got a friend to come to the Lodge, then there was two. Two happy Masons brought along two more, So the number doubled and then there was four. Four sturdy Masons simply couldn't wait, Till they found four others, then there was eight. Eight eager Masons, searching round for brothers, Their example and their work brought in many others. Crowds of first-rate Masons, filling every seat, Come Brethren join us and make our Lodge complete.