Sprint Canada offered a deal
The Eejit thought, couldnae be real
20 dollars a month, for all ye can chat
All across Canada, nae limit and 'at

So Eejit signs oan
And hes off tae the phone
But, two days later, they've hud enuff
They changed the plan, and went in the huff

800 minutes is aw ye'll get
The time limit we hud tae set
Cause its his mooth we cannae trust
If he keeps it up, we'll go bust

This was the deal with Sprint Canada, and two days later, they limited me to 800 minutes, and this prompted this poem from ma pal Katie. (I've now went back to bell, and get $20-all-I-can-chat)

See yon Eejit he jist looks saft,
Bit ah kin tell ye, that man's no daft
Aw ower Canada ye kin hear his hollurs
"Ah kin talk aw a want fur twinty dollurs"

He's gabbin' here an' gabbin therr
Christ he's callin' everywherr.
He'll tell ye jokes an' gie ye a laff
Nae wurry aboot ra phone bein' cut aff.

Nae e-mails fae him, naw nuthin' in print
Since he goat this bliddy deal wi' Sprint.
Ra phone's rid hoat, aye he's hivin a ball
An' if yer lucky ye might get a call.

So keep yer phone close tae yer ear,
A nice wee voice sayin' "Ra Eejit here"
Might be heard in yer wee hoose the day
Cause twinty dollars is aw he'll pay.

This wee guy kin cut ra mustard,
NAW, don't caw him a cheap wee B****rd
Jist because he's goat this deal the day
An' he's goat a loat tae say.
He's ma pal , aye an' ma wee mate tae.
Eejit this is fae ye pal ..... Wee Katie