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Welcome to the home of GMcG Customized Video Service. We specialize in British entertainment, and movies or TV shows featuring British stars. We've just had a website makeover, and are making a lot of additions. Our catalogue of videos has been updated with over 50 new videos. The website is also much easier to navigate and faster loading.

These British videos are all in NTSC format, thus they work in both USA and Canada. We're one of the only people that cater in these videos, so be sure not to miss out!

Our main deal is one 6 hour tape, for either $30 Canadian or $20 US. The six hours is entirely up to you, and we have numerous other select prices and special deals for you, and are always up for a deal. Just be sure to contact us with any queries, worries or orders.

As mentioned above, this website is an on-going work at the moment, however we are open for business so be sure to purchase videos that will make great presents, Christmas or otherwise!

Gordon McGaw

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